Alemán para el trabajo


You speak German, but you sometimes miss the words at work?

You often want to talk in the meetings of your company, but you do not dare?

You have difficulties understanding customers on the phone?

Do you want to write e-mails in German correctly?

Do you have linguistic difficulties when negotiating with business partners?

Are you sometimes missing the keywords to present your project or idea?


Then you need business German!



Whether the telephone call with the boss or the communication in the cafeteria – all employees have to master the linguistic challenges at their workplace. Here people need support, whose mother tongue is not German. This can ease the communication in the workplace, as well as improve the ability to express oneself in German in writing and orally.

With us you can learn the «Fachdeutsch» that you need for your job.

We specialize in technical professions (IT, engineers). We also work according to your needs: e.g. In the comfort of your own home – with our BEN Europe Virtual Academy:


Then contact us!