Intercultural Competences & Soft Skills


Germans are stiff, always on time and build great cars?

Even if the stereotypes are correct in some cases, many of them are often far away from reality. In order to integrate you into German everyday life, you should get to know the norms and values in Germany and understand what lies behind them.

The training of BEN Europe attaches particular importance to the transmission of standards and values. It is important to us that you not only get to know another culture, but also learn to teach your own to other people.

We believe that an intercultural understanding and successful integration is based on an exchange between you and your new home.



Of course there is so much more to life in Germany than work!

After your arrival in Germany you will have the opportunity to get to know many different German traditions. You have certainly heard of the German Oktoberfest, but have you already experienced the various Christmas traditions in Germany? Are you familiar with German festival culture? Or have you ever walked in the beautiful landscape?

There is so much more to experience!

We look forward to showing you Germany from a German perspective.

Training: Working in Germany

Visit our practice-oriented training to find out more about important German job habits and business relations.

Have Fun in Germany!