Ben Europe


BEN Europe-Institute is a consulting company, project promoter and educational institution for the following fields:

  • European cooperation & Networking
  • European exchange & intercultural communication/competences
  • Promotion of cultural and economic areas within Europe
  • Inclusion of qualified Europeans in Germany/maintenance of skilled workers
  • Welcome & Inclusion culture in companies / Intercultural Diversity Management
  • European Mobility & Labour market management

The work of BEN Europe-Institute contributes to a responsible and sustainable development of the European economy, cultural and educational areas. In doing so we see ourselves primarily as a bridge that facilitates the implementation of European projects, related to the labour market, education management and economic development. We are Integration Engineers for Europe in Germany.

Our target groups:

We support companies, citizens and (future) professionals to come together and grow together. Our projects are geared not unilaterally to the demands of one group, but focus on all fields, such as:

  • International professionals / qualified migrants
  • International students & apprentices
  • International & German companies
  • All citizens who are interested in Europe

Examples of our project environment:

  • Projects in the fields of „international management for professionals“ and „Intercultural Diversity Management“: Project INTERPROF and INTERPROF-TECH
  • Projects in the field of EU-mobility / Enhancing intercultural competences for the integration into the labour market:
    • „Leonardo Da Vinci“ program, Jewellery Division
    • ERASMUS +, Mechatronics Division
  • Educational & Consultancy projects for international skilled workers and young companies from Spain in cooperation with  Fundación Universitaria de Las Palmas

For a comprehensive review of products and services, offered by BEN Europe-Institute, please click here.

„Our goal is for Europe to become a big common house for all Europeans, a house of freedom“ (Konrad Adenauer) and of international understanding, where we not only tolerate but celebrate our cultural differences. For “Europe grows not only by signing contracts but by winning the hearts of its citizens” (Klaus Kinkel).